KICKS: Kids Investing in Communities through Kindness and Service.

KICKS is a service club for children where they learn to give and serve without expectation of reward, prizes or winning anything for themselves. We know they will be rewarded by the good feelings they develop as they help others and see what a positive difference they are making in someone else’s life.

In the past, children have made cards and crafts for shut-ins at local nursing homes, appreciation cards for their teachers and parents, and sandwiches for the sack lunches at Kids Food Basket.

College kids from Circle K and a local Grandville High School Nat’l Honor Society student joined us in our future home community of Wyoming, MI on Saturday February 3, 2018. We had a lot of fun going house to house shoveling walks and meeting our new neighbors!

snowy service

Do you know a child or group of kids who would like to be a KICKS kid? For more information about involvement in KICKS, call Cathy at (616) 451-0245

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Infant Adoption/ Direct Consent Adoption (You make your child’s adoption plan together with a family of your choosing.)

Our goal is to honor and respect you for who you are and whatever circumstances you may be in. Placing parents can be male or female, young or old, biological parents or adoptive parents.

Often placing parents do not feel ready to offer a new baby stability as they move fast forward through their teenage or college years into the responsibilities of parenthood.

Other times parents may choose to place a child because of prior experience with their other children being in foster care or involved in court actions.

One thing is for sure; all placing parents deeply love their children and have found themselves unable to provide for the day-to-day needs of their child. They all seek help from Greater Hopes Family Services in order to meet the needs of their child. Not one is giving up. Not one is failing. They are making the hardest decision of their lives, a giving decision, so that their children can have the best of both worlds.

That is one reason why Greater Hopes’ adoptive and foster families do not want placing parents to go away after placement. If you need to go for some reason, we will respect that. However, we all hope you stay involved in a way that offers your child your very best and in a manner that helps you grow and heal as well.

And, if you find your circumstances have changed and you find a healthy way to parent your child prior to the court hearing when the adoption takes place, we will still honor and support you. We won’t go away either.

Call Cathy Raidna at (616) 451-0245 to talk about your situation.

Please join Greater Hopes at an Orientation Meeting where you can learn more about these children and how you can help. We will discuss the roles of Family Friends, other volunteers, foster families and adoptive families. See our Events page to confirm meeting times.