Origins and Roots


Are you related to a child in the system? Be Involved!

Identity formation is the development of the distinct personality of an individual. A healthy identity formation occurs more easily when a person has access to family ties, their culture and their unique history. A sense of connectedness in these areas is crucial to any child’s healthy development.

At Greater Hopes we recognize the importance of allowing a child to embrace all of who he is. If you are a relative to a child in foster care or to a child who has been placed for adoption, you may have an important role to play. Please contact us if you need to discuss a situation in your family.

Below you will find links to some of the best information we have found online. Please feel free to call us to explore what you are learning.

Is there a way to find my family members?

Where can I get information about how DNA testing can help me find a family member?

Is it important for the bioloigcal family to stay involved if the adopted child has a new family who loves him?

Where can I find a family who will adopt my child and embrace me too?

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