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Adopt a child

If you have reviewed information about adopting a child and you are ready for some heart-to-heart conversation about adoption, please contact Cathy Raidna or Lindsay Hosack at  (616) 451-0245. You could also attend an Orientation Meeting to learn more.

Waiting children can be found at the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at


Greater Hopes LOVES volunteers! Our staff is small and our needs are great. If you have a heart for the work we do, let’s talk and find out how your interests and skills can benefit our programs and the people we serve.

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Board Involvement

If you are interested in fund development or planning events that will grow our capacity to serve children and families, please let our Board know of your interest! Committee members are always needed! Email for more information.

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KICKS Kids (Kids Investing in Communities through Kindness and Service) are full of energy, ideas and excitement for their community service projects. We need more adult SideKICKS to help these little heroes carry out their good deeds. Interested? Email !

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Employment opportunities

Those interested in a career with Greater Hopes should send a cover letter and resume to

PART-TIME ADOPTION: Child Placement Specialist 

The ideal candidate is polite, forthright, gentle, hardworking, wise, and friendly. He or she will have flexibility to work 15-40 varied hours per week, sometimes on an as needed basis. Please be able to commit to serving our families and children for a minimum of one year. He or she will be able to perform the duties and functions below and meet the requirements noted below.

We require a staff member who has ongoing contact with children or parents to be a person who has the ability, experience, education, and training to perform the duties assigned.

We require a staff member who has ongoing contact with children or parents to be a person who is of good character and emotionally stable and who has the ability, experience, education, and training to perform the duties assigned.

All employees shall have completed and cleared a Central Registry check. According to Enrolled House Bill No. 6202, Regular Session of 2002 State of Michigan, 91st Legislature.

Duties and Functions

(a) Placing and supervising children in out-of-home care. Social service workers shall work directly with the children, their families, and other relevant individuals and be primarily responsible for the development, implementation, and review of service plans for the children and their families.

(b) Assessing and conducting evaluations of private family homes for adoption approval and supervising the homes.

(c) Conducting evaluations of children available for adoption.

(d) Assisting parents placing children in adoptive homes.

(e) Upholding licensing requirements and standards as outlined by the State of Michigan, Licensing Rules For Child Placing Agencies.

(f) Upholding non-profit incorporation requirements and standards according to Act 162, Public Acts of 1982.


An agency shall appoint a social service worker who possesses at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a major in a human behavioral science, or in another major where 25% of the course credits earned toward the degree are in human behavioral sciences.

“Human behavioral science” means a degree from an accredited college or university in any of the following: Social work, Psychology, Counseling and guidance, Child development, Criminal justice, Family and child ecology, Sociology, Family community services, Family studies, Family Life Education, Human Services. Please contact the agency if you have a similar degree not listed.

The social service worker must have knowledge or an ability and desire to learn about of current ethical, practical, legal, social, and open adoption practice standards. Necessary skills include time management, word processing, ability to be flexible through learning, and crisis and case management.

Training Requirements
Each social service worker is required to complete 16 hours pre-service training. Additionally,each worker must complete 32 hours of training annually thereafter that includes information regarding current child placing practices, laws and administrative rules relating to child placing in Michigan, and other topics as requested of or recommended for workers by DHHS. Â

Lines of Authority
The Child Placement Specialist is responsible to the Child Placement Supervisor or Executive Director as assigned.

Additional Expectations/Responsibilities
It is expected that staff members will act in a manner that will offer dignity and respect to each person with whom they come in contact. They will act with honesty and integrity within the bounds of appropriate social work ethics. Staff members are expected to balance their personal and professional lives. It is requested that when a staff member’s family and his or her individual job duties begin to conflict, that the employee speaks with the immediate supervisor.

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Your tax deductible donations of any amount all add up to support the work we do. Currently we employ two staff members to help Michigan’s Waiting Children. We’ll hire more staff when the funds are available! More staff members mean we have more hands to place more children. Please consider making a donation to Greater Hopes.

For more information see our donations page.

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