Seth and Beth, plus one


Our journey that leads us to want to adopt is a little different… We were initially drawn to be foster parents, because Seth’s parents were throughout his life and Beth had worked with families in the foster system. Troy (our son) was our first placement as a foster child. We didn’t know that we would eventually adopt him, but when the time came when his mother released her rights there was no doubt in our minds about his eventual adoption into our family. He is such a joy and we love him so much, and we have a strong desire to continue to grow our family and share the love we have with another child. There is a hope that we have for both our son and a potential adopted sibling that they will share a bond and an adoption journey. We hope as parents that we can help them navigate what belonging and family mean, as they grow to understand their place in the world and in both their biological and adoptive families.

Who we are

Beth would say she’s bold, kind, and laid back. I love when I can find the chance to be fully present with those around me, especially in parenting so that we can share moments of joy and play. Beth loves to seek adventure by trying new things or going new places.

Seth would say he’s flexible and patient. He’s artistic and enjoys simple things like hiking and being outdoors. I’m also very athletic and enjoy all sports and games. I have a good imagination and love tapping into that in parenting to encourage imagination in kids.

We really like the outdoors – walks, hiking, the woods, the beach, etc. We also like spending time with friends. We enjoy new activities and finding new adventures. We travel a lot. We like reading and have books all over the house, as well as make frequent library trips. We ride bikes, like to cook and bake, and spend time with family.

Our marriage

We met in college in 2004 and were good friends quickly. Seth was my freshman crush, but it took us a while to start dating. We had a strong friendship throughout college, spending time together, traveling, and going to concerts or other activities. We long distance dated for a year and then both ended up in Philadelphia, where six months later we got engaged. We were married in 2009, so it’s been over 10 years now. We truly count one another as best friends. We like doing most of everything together, sharing lots of similar hobbies and interests. 


Seth is a program manager at a local affordable housing agency. Beth is an associate director at a local social service agency, working with refugees and immigrants. 

After placement

Beth will take off 12 weeks following placement and then return to work after that, with the help of a few days a week at the daycare we love that our son currently attends. The teachers there are great and its near our home. 


We live in Grand Rapids in a 4 bedroom home, next door to really good friends. We love our neighborhood and our home. We just moved into this house a couple years ago and so are still making it our own. Troy loves scootering to the parks and libraries nearby. 

We have a close knit group of friends that we see weekly (or more). Our kids are close in age and enjoy playing together. We help one another out when needs arise. We also have a handful of family members in close proximity that we see regularly. We also have family and close friends in the surrounding states, so we visit and travel together on occasion. Troy loves spending time with friends and any chance he gets to see any of his fourteen cousins. 

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