Lisa and Matt, and Owen

We may not know who you are yet, but we pray for you daily. I was pregnant, for the first time, and miscarried at age 17. Our stories may be very different, but I do know what it’s like to be pregnant at a time when I wasn’t able to be a mom. My heart goes out to you for this big decision you are facing. You are brave and strong and loved. Your child will also be loved unconditionally. It is our desire that your child would love both his or her adoptive family and birth family.

We are thankful for a community of friends and family that have been touched by adoption and appreciate all we have learned, and can learn, through their experiences. We know that an ongoing, open relationship with a child’s birth family is the best case scenario, and we hope to be able to provide that for our adopted child. We also understand that everyone’s circumstances are different, and if that is not an option, we promise to be very open about his or her adoption story. In either case, open or not, we would raise him or her to have love, honor, and respect for the family that loved them first and chose us out of that love.

Our desire to pursue adoption was actually put in both of our hearts on the same day. We were praying over the new year and I had the courage, for the first time in a while, to pray for a baby. Not because I hadn’t wanted a baby, but because it was beginning to seem like maybe our chance had passed. Matt did not hear this prayer, but came to me that night saying he felt like we were supposed to have more children and that maybe we should adopt! We decided right then and knew without a doubt this was what we wanted. We actually couldn’t believe it had taken us this long to pursue adoption, but we knew God was speaking and that He had a plan.

Our Story
We met and began dating in December 2001. We were engaged in April and married in September of 2002! We knew right away that we had found the one we would spend the rest of our lives with. We are both pretty easy going and work well together as a team. We value grace and forgiveness in our marriage. We are committed to each other, and to putting in the work it takes to really stay connected. After 17 years, we are still best friends!
We have always wanted more kids. It is difficult to even say exactly why it has taken so long. Hemophilia has definitely played a role in this as I am a carrier of this genetic marker. I do not have a clotting disorder like our son does, but because I carry the gene, there is a 50% chance of passing it on. We were so conflicted about growing our family. We wanted more children so badly, but couldn’t decide if it was the right thing to do. After finally choosing to try regardless, we just were not successful at getting pregnant. We love our little family, but we have so much more love to give. Owen can hardly stand it. He says,” we need more people in this house!” The desire to be parents again has always been there and we can’t believe that we are finally on this journey of finding out what it will be like. God has a plan, and it is good!

Matt works as a Logistics Manager for the company he has been with for 19 yrs. He started out as Grounds Maintenance and has consistently been promoted over the years. I love his work ethic and his desire to bring creative solutions that will make the company more successful. We have been married 16 yrs and he is still my favorite person. He makes me feel safe, and he is my sound advice in every situation. Owen is his biggest fan! He still runs to the door to meet him every day after work. They love to play games, Pokemon cards, ride bikes, build Legos, play catch, go to car shows, and watch football together. He is loving, generous, wise, and would do anything for us. He is always thinking ahead, paying attention to details, and being intentional about protecting us. As Owen always says, “He’s the best Dad in the whole world!”

Lisa is a Stay at Home mom. Both of our moms stayed at home when we and our siblings were kids. We knew early on in our relationship that the goal would be for her to be able to stay at home and raise our children. She is an ideal wife and an exceedingly loving mother. Her heart and mind are geared toward giving to those in need. She is often coming to me and saying, “I think we need to give to…” and I love that about her! She loves spending time with “her boys”, making sure that we are settled into maximum comfort during family movie nights.She loves to surprise Owen with special gifts or outings to make memories. She loves to teach, decorate, cook, days at the beach, read and relax at the end of the day. She has the wonderful ability to make our house a home. Everything that she does is to ensure that our family is surrounded by love and peace. Lisa loves being a mom and we think that she is the best mommy in the world!

Owen is full of joy!! He has a great laugh and just loves to have fun. We bought a shirt for him a couple years ago that says, “Big Bro” on it, believing that it would one day be true. He now wears it in faith that someday soon he will have a little brother or sister – or both! Owen loves playing with friends, summer, swimming, Star Wars, family movie night, video games, reading, science, action figures, and pizza! He enjoys spending time with his younger cousins just as much as friends his age. He is funny, kind, giving, and other kids have always been drawn to him. We can’t wait to see him as a big brother!



We are huge Marvel fans and the boys always reserve tickets for opening night when a new movie comes out. (Mom always falls asleep in the theater, so she waits to watch them at home!)                

Our Family
We are very close with both sides of our family. They are loving and supportive! We are blessed to live within 20 minutes of them all and get together for birthdays, holidays, and we usually vacation with Matt’s family once a year.

Our Home
We recently bought our forever home and have been spending a lot of time making it “ours”. We are almost done with the inside and we’re eager to spend the summer outside swimming, having bonfires, and hanging out with friends and family.

This is just a glimpse of our family. We admire your courage in choosing life! We believe God has a plan of great purpose and destiny for this child as well as for you. Should you choose to trust us with your child, we can promise you that we are sure of our decision, that your child will be loved unconditionally, that he or she will be celebrated for who they are, and that your great love will not be forgotten.

One more thing…this little bundle recently joined us, but he sure grows fast!brizpuppy

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