Katy and Andy


Thank you for taking some time to look at our profile and learn more about us! We realize that the decision you are thinking about making is incredibly difficult. You are so strong! We would love to be able to nurture and raise your child while also supporting you in being a part of your child’s life and story in the many ways you may want to be. We hope you find peace while making this decision! 

Who are we?

Katy is outgoing, fun-loving, calm, kind and flexible. She is caring and empathetic, and love to help others. She also enjoys time to herself, attempting crafty projects, organizing in all different forms, being active at the gym, or binge-watching television shows. Katy is a psychologist that works with individuals in group and individual sessions regarding a variety of mental health concerns, as well as completes psychological evaluations. 

Andrew is patient, adventurous, laid-back, loyal and caring. He enjoys creating new recipes, playing disc golf, biking, photography, church league softball, and being outdoors. He is currently employed as an Educational Consultant for the Michigan Department of Education. He has had many different roles throughout his education career. These roles include: teaching in a middle school classroom, working in a child care center, directing out-of-school-time programs(before and after school/ summer day camp), and finally as a consultant for out-of-school-time programming for programs across the state. Throughout all of these roles his goal has been to create quality learning opportunities for children.

We are best friends and love to spend time together. We are very supportive of each other in our careers, hobbies, and personal goals. We value compassion, integrity, adventure, respect, faith, kindness, and fun, just to name a few. We hope to teach a child all of these things through modeling in our own lives and actions. We are active members in our church and enjoy being with our church family. Andrew is a former deacon, former Cadet leader, and has been attending our church since 2010. Katy is a current deacon, former Gems leader, and has been attending since she was born. We both served as high school youth group leaders at our church for three years.

We love to travel! Since we have been married, we have been to all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums. This has brought us to many different cities and areas around the US and Canada. We love flying (Andrew always gets the window seat) or driving together (Andrew always drives) on road trips. Together, we also enjoy watching tv shows, hanging out at the lake, and trying new restaurants and breweries. 

Our Story

Our story begins in 2007, when we met at work.  It didn’t take long for Andrew to ask Katy on a date over Facebook. For the anticipated first date we ice skated and went out for dinner at a restaurant in downtown Grand Rapids. We dated throughout college, where we made many of our closest friends. During our college years we enjoyed hanging out with friends, camping, and even going on a few family vacations with each other’s families. On Christmas Eve, 2010, during a carriage ride in Chicago, Andrew proposed to Katy and she said yes! Our wedding took place in 2012, on a beautiful spring day. We spent that summer living in a small apartment in downtown Grand Rapids, then moved to North Carolina for Andrew’s first teaching job. While in North Carolina, we adopted two cats, Magglio and Dexter! They are both 7 and a half years old and have been with us through all of our moving adventures. After 10 months of missing our families, friends, and our church family; we realized that was not the place we wanted to be, so moved back to Grand Rapids. We have lived in the Grand Rapids area ever since and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! 

Our Family and Friends

We are very close to our families. Katy’s parents live within walking distance and we see them often. Katy’s brother lives in Grand Rapids and we see him about monthly. Andrew’s parents live in Grand Rapids and we see them often, including Sunday lunch every week. Andrew’s four siblings and two nieces all live in the Grand Rapids area and we see them on a regular basis. We enjoy spending our holidays with our families and always make it work to see both sets of parents (even if it means two Thanksgiving Dinners on the same day!)

We have a small group of close friends, including married couples, couples with children and single friends. Some of these friends live in the area, and some have moved further away. We enjoy visiting with them when able. We love games nights, camping, celebrating holidays, and trying new restaurants with our friends. Katy and her friends meet once a month at a new restaurant starting with a different letter of the alphabet. Andrew connects with some friends by playing video games or meeting at a new brewery.

 Our Home and Neighborhood

We live in a two story home with big spaces for kids to play. We have a large living room near the kitchen, the basement has a large space for kids to play, and our bedroom will be directly across the hall from our child’s room. We can easily rearrange our spaces to accommodate changes in our lifestyle. We have a large yard and a decent sized wooded area that can accommodate many different activities.

Our neighborhood has many families and children. We live near a cul de sac in the corner of our development, so there is not much traffic and it is safe for children to play. There is a park and a lake for kids to play at within walking distance of our home. Katy’s parents also live on the nearby lake, and we are able to swim and boat with them frequently in the summer. We hope to live in this home and neighborhood  until we outgrow the space. 

After Placement Plans

Immediately after placement, we plan on taking a few weeks off to be with our child. Once we return to work, Katy will be able to modify her schedule to go back to work, as a contracted worker, she can be able to move her clients around able to have days off. Andrew also hopes to adjust his schedule to have one day off during the week. We plan on utilizing friends and family to help us watch our child on days that we both have to work. 

Education and Discipline

Education is an important part of a child’s development and occurs prior to school years, in school, and must continue within the home during the school years. We plan on sending our children to a Christian school in our area and hope to keep them in the same school throughout their school years. Education has also been very important in our lives, as we have both worked hard to obtain our Master’s Degrees, Andrew in Public Administration and Katy in Psychology . We value continued learning and hope to pass that on to our future children. 

We understand that every child responds differently to discipline and there isn’t one discipline style that fits every child, but we do believe that all discipline should be approached with love and learning opportunities. We think that children learn best through natural consequences (for example a broken toy means they don’t have that toy anymore, and additional discipline may not be needed). 


Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family! We hope this short summary was able to give you an idea of who we are and what our lives are like! Hopefully we will have the opportunity to learn about you!


Katy and Andrew