John and Sara


We would like to thank you for taking the time to look at our family as you work through this difficult time in your life. We cannot fully comprehend how hard this process must be for you. We hope that we can provide you a feeling of comfort that, if you choose us to be your child’s forever family, we will provide your child with a loving home and give him or her every opportunity we can provide. We wish you peace and serenity as you explore the possibility of adoption, and we invite you to look through our online profile to learn a bit about us and our lives. We are grateful for your consideration and would be thrilled to be a part of your adoption plan.

Sara and John

A little bit about us…
Sara is an environmental engineer who has worked her way up to a senior project engineer at a consulting company in Kalamazoo. She is interested in developing and maintaining physical fitness and overall health through all stages of life. She is also interested in encouraging and supporting girls and women in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics (STEM). John is an architect and a competitive swimmer. He likes all things science fiction and has spent countless hours researching online and talking with family to piece together a very extensive family tree and to digitally preserve historical family photos and documents.

How we became us…
We met while Sara was in grad school with one of John’s best friends. She would say that his blue eyes and awesomely unusual hair immediately caught her attention and that once they had a chance to actually sit down and talk, she realized they shared similar beliefs and an inherent curiosity about everything. John would say that somehow this petite woman got him out onto a dance floor (something that had never happened before) and challenged him in ways no one else had. He soon came to realize she was the perfect one with whom he wished to spend the rest of his life. We have been married for almost ten years, and live in Portage with our two kitties. We enjoy being outdoors, and spend time mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, and gardening.

leaves               biking

We also like visiting big cities and exploring their museums, art, food options, and architecture. We try to go to at least one new, out-of-state place each year to learn as much as we can about this vast country, and we never let rain stop us from exploring.

waterfall                                            ponchos

Our family…
We are part of a large extended family that loves to get together for a wedding, a birthday party, or even just a backyard barbeque.


The next steps…
We had always planned to grow our own family but have found that that is not a possibility for us. We have renovated every space in our home, secured our finances, and built a loving union and a good and stable life together. We look forward to the opportunity to share more of our story and ourselves with you and add a third shadow to our journey as a family.


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