Jenny and Michael

Hello! Thank you for checking out our profile and getting to know us a little bit. You can see a video and more info about who we are on our website, here:

A little about us: We are Michael and Jenny and we’ve been married 7 years. We met in college during a job interview and have been together ever since. We have different strengths and we balance each other out perfectly. We respect one another greatly. After 10 years together we’re still crazy in love and we’re really thrilled to be taking this next step toward building a family together.

What are our occupations?
Michael is a Sales Manager for a large furniture company in West Michigan.
Jenny is a Youth Services Librarian at a local library. We both love our jobs!

What is our anticipated employment plan following placement?
Jenny plans to take 12 weeks of leave and Michael’s job provides him 4 weeks of leave. After that we both plan to go back to work full-time but we’ve discussed Jenny possibly going down to part-time work as a future option. Jenny has a daycare facility across the street from her workplace and Michael works from home a few days a week so we’ve got lots of good childcare options.

What is our home and neighborhood like?
We live two miles north of downtown Grand Rapids in a quiet urban neighborhood near Riverside Park. We visit the park several times a week while walking our dog, Joey, or riding bikes. Our home is a cute little 3-bedroom house with a fenced in backyard that Joey loves. Our neighborhood is diverse and we love the close proximity to the city’s museums and restaurants.

What do we do for fun or to relax?
We both love to read and listen to music on our record player. When we want to relax we put together puzzles or play cards together or have a bonfire with s’mores in the backyard. Michael likes to skateboard and paint, Jenny likes jogging and gardening, and we ride our bikes together often. We both enjoy camping around Michigan and we love spending free time with family.
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What role does religion play in our lives?
We were both raised in Christian families and our view on religion has expanded over the years to include an openness to all faiths – Universalism is the common term. We’re inspired by Buddhist spiritual philosophy and we recently traveled to Nepal and India where we greatly enjoyed learning about other religions. Spirituality is important to us and we hope to raise a child to be a loving, compassionate person and be accepting of all religions.

What are our family and friends like?
Michael has two sisters and we have two nephews and a niece. His parents live just a few hours away and we see them often. Jenny has one brother and three stepbrothers and her parents live close enough to see weekly. We’re very close to our families and they’re very excited for this next step toward growing our family! Our friends are wonderful, supportive people and we have a large network of them both nearby and across the country.

Michael and his Gramma!

What words would we use to describe ourselves?
Jenny: Compassionate, honest, hard-working, passionate
Michael: Philosophical, driven, confident, seeker


What special information do we want you to know about us?
We can’t wait to become parents and we’ve been excited about adopting for several years. We have a truly happy home life.  We love our jobs, our pets and our neighborhood; and we especially love each other. We want you to know we are deeply grateful that you’ve checked out our profile and we hope to hear from you soon if you’d like to know more about us.


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