Jacquie and Matthew

Placement Made! Please consider another of our wonderful families!

Matthew and Jacquie

We are humbled by the fact that you have stopped, even just for a moment, to learn more about us. We realize that the decision you are currently struggling with may not be easy. We want you to be empowered, and know we support you in which ever decision you make for you and your child. You will always be the beginning of your child’s story, and they, part of your story. We will support and encourage you to be a part of their life. We are so fortunate to have you consider us to nurture, and share the possibility of loving them whole-heartedly. We also will honor the fact that you will always be their parents, and that they are loved and cherished by many.

Our Occupations
Matthew is a Captain/Paramedic at a local Southwest Michigan fire department. He has been involved helping members of the communities he serves for many years. Jacquie is a Labor and Delivery Nurse at a local Southwest Michigan hospital where she has found her passion helping expectant families. She has taken on additional responsibilities through teaching and overseeing projects to share her passion and knowledge both in, and out of the hospital.IMG_6786

After Placement
We are both able to take time away from our jobs to enjoy and help transition a new addition to our family. We are fortunate to take as much time as we are able prior to us going back to work. After that time, Jacquie has the ability to schedule her nursing shifts around Matthew’s schedule. This leaves one of us always at home to take care of the child. In the rare event of overlapping schedules, we have friends and family to help us out. We plan to investigate possible nannies as well.

About Us
Having Fun Even In The Rain

Jacquie: I am a happy individual who loves helping others. I am caring and empathetic and often put other’s needs before my own. I am fairly outgoing, but also enjoy time to myself. I like to learn new things, and often am found looking up random information when I don’t know something. I have been described as a compassionate person and love the fact I am able to share that with the patients I care for, as well as their families. Helping others gives me great purpose and joy.
Matthew: I am a kind and generous person that is able to deal well in stressful environments (good thing, considering my job). I think that I am funny, but have yet to fully embrace the, “Art of the Dad Joke”. I am a mix of extrovert and introvert depending on the circumstances, but that leaves me liking both going out with people as well as settling in and having a nice night at home with Jacquie and our dogs.
Our Marriage: In 2003, prior to knowing each other, we both had joined our local fire departments. In January of 2004 we started our training at the Kalamazoo Fire Academy. Little did we know that our assigned seats were going to be next to each other. Towards the end of fire academy, we started hanging out more and spending time with each other. We are not entirely sure when our friendship turned into dating, however we both knew that it was in the month of May. We continued dating and in July of 2005, we bought our first home where we still live today. We were engaged in August of 2009, and had a beautiful wedding in June 2012. We have two small dogs who are well taken care of and loved. They go on the majority of our trips, unless there are not appropriate accommodations for them. We can be pretty goofy and love each other’s little ‘quirks’. We spend the majority of our time off together and love to experience new adventures while cherishing the many memories we have made.
Matthew Jacquie-0206                 Matthew Jacquie-0478 1

Fun and Relaxation!
We like camping, and reading. Enjoying spur of the moment day trips, watching movies, and trying new places to eat. We like museums, going to local concerts/symphonies, and of course hanging out at the sand dunes at Silver Lake. We like being with each other. We have a contagious fun nature when we are being silly, but also enjoy each other in complete silence while doing our own thing in the same room. We also have fun hanging out with our friends and family.
Meerkats                                                         Being silly at The London Zoo

Silver Lake Jeep Invasion 2018

Jacquie is creative and enjoys making cards for others to send out to brighten their day, including making our own Christmas cards. Matthew enjoys his hobby of photography, and has even taken some of our own portraits to commemorate our first couple of anniversaries.  

Teaching a Child
A child learns through experiences and are vulnerable by what they experience around them. That being said, correcting inappropriate behaviors that apply to that child when necessary and teaching them another way helps them grow and experience life with respectful boundaries and learning how different consequences for inappropriate actions can affect them as well as others around them. Behaviors that would emotionally, physically, or in any way harm another individual or self, require intervention(s). Depending on the severity, would determine the intervention. If it is something minor, redirection in why or why not. Examples of this could be done first by looking the child in the eye, and a simple head shake, or a verbal no and why. More severe actions like hitting or biting would require a verbal intervention and removing the child from hurting another person (time out). Throwing objects would require removal of the object(s) from the child. We would address each behavior with the appropriate guidance to fix it at that time. What works now may not work later. What works for some things would not be the most appropriate intervention for others. If the child is old enough to explore and verbally discuss options of the action/reaction, then allow them to express themselves while guiding them with different options that would be more appropriate.

Our thoughts about education
We both highly value education, and think that secondary education after high-school is extremely important. Whether that be college/university or trade school would be up to the child, but we would wish to instill a principle of always seeking more education in any children we raise.

Matthew and Jacquie are both life-long learners, with Matthew having a bachelor’s, as well as a couple associate’s degrees, a paramedic certification and multiple training classes for his job. Jacquie has her Associates of Applied Science in Nursing, and is soon to begin her bachelor’s degree. She also holds multiple certifications related to nursing. We both teach/instruct in our respective fields as well.
DSC_0035_2820                    DSC_0027_1976
On the cliffs at Beachy Head                                                                Sightseeing at Windsor Castle

Our values
While this list does not fully encompass all of our values, it does cover those in which we strongly believe in. We would encourage children in our home to learn how ethical values and moral standards would help influence their behavior, social interactions, relationships, and family traditions and habits. Some of these would include:
Honesty, integrity, and responsibility
Being respectful and courteous to others
Having patience
Showing kindness
Expressing creativity
Standing up for others
Having compassion
Continually learning new things
Acknowledging achievements
Being grateful
Having fun and enjoying quality time

Our home and neighborhood
We currently live in a cute two-bedroom, mid-century ranch home in the Kalamazoo area that we have owned since the summer of 2005. We live here with our two dogs, Nozzle (Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix) and Halligan (Miniature Dachshund rescue). IMG_0707 1                      IMG_7670
Nozzle                                                                                                                                 Halligan

While still remaining in the Kalamazoo area, we do have plans to move to a larger home in the future. We are located in an area with access to a multitude of family friendly possibilities. Within an hour or less, we have these things nearby: museums, splash pads, art venues, even a couple zoos. We belong to a health and fitness center with a swimming pool, as well as a number of parks. We also belong to our community library. Matthew’s mom lives on a lake where we have played with our nieces and nephews while they swim, Jet Ski, fish off the dock and ride on the pontoon boat. Lake Michigan is within an hour drive from us. We also have movie theaters, numerous restaurants, and an apple orchard/pumpkin patch with different activities throughout the year.

Fundraising at the Kalamazoo Growlers Game

Our Family and Friends
While each individual brings their own strengths and caring personalities, we greatly value our time with our family and friends. We have so many memories to share with them. Vacations, traditions, laughter as well as sadness. Sometimes, “you just had to be there to understand” describes it best.

2016 Fall Color Tour in the UP

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile! We hope you have learned a little bit about us, and can see the happiness we share. Yes we can be silly and goofy, but we love all the time we spend together and are looking forward to adding another piece of joy, and include them in our family. Please contact Greater Hopes to learn more about our family.

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acquie and Matthew

For more information about this family, call or text our on-call worker at 616.451.0245, or email cathyr@greaterhopes.org