Cory and Derik

Family is Important
We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We are both excited to add to our family and love another child unconditionally. As for our daughter Jordyn, she will be the best sister and can’t wait to have a brother or sister! We hope to teach our children that family is an important part of our life and they will always be there; that’s why Derik’s mom lives with us, so she doesn’t have to live on her own. Also family isn’t just blood, it’s people who have a part in your life and have been there for you no matter what is going on, good or bad. Our children will always be surrounded by loving and caring family and friends, there are a lot of people in our lives! Cory’s family who mostly live out of town visit often and Derik’s family (Mom, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, & grandparents) live nearby. We have four nephews and two nieces who we are very close to and love to be around. They also love to visit and spend time with their cousin Jordyn.

As an adopting couple we want to honor our child’s birth parents’ wishes and have an open adoption if you choose. If an open adoption is what both parties agree on, we would like to exchange texts, phone calls, emails, send photos, and have visits on important events such as holidays and birthdays. Also we can take it slow and after everything smooths out, we can go in any direction both parties agree on.

Our Story

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With Derik having 20 years of employment and Cory having 12 years of employment at the same company, we hope that shows our child responsibility, commitment, and dedication. We also would like our child to know that they can feel free to choose whatever path in life they think will make them the happiest. After high school Derik worked full time and decided in 2011 to start cosmetology school. In 2012 Derik graduated from cosmetology school and got his license. Now Derik works part time at a salon in Grand Haven. After finishing high school Cory didn’t know what he wanted to do, so he worked full time and allowed himself time to decide. We want our child to know decisions like that are ok in life, as long as they are made responsibly. We hope to teach our child that it’s never to late in life to start a new journey or to further one.

As a couple we love traveling and visiting new places together and can’t wait to share that experience with our children. We have been on road trips through Michigan, as we have taken road trips and vacations to Chicago, IL, Oklahoma a couple times, New York, Florida, and flew out to Las Vegas, NV and also took a road trip from there to Hollywood ( LA ), CA. On our road trips we like to stop along the way and explore new places.

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Our Home
Right now we have three cats and only one of them was a planned family member. We have two female cats Elle (5), Trinket (10), and our little big man Dimitri (9). We can’t wait to share that love for animals with our children. Our children will learn about and love all different types of animals.

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Participating in our Community
Being a part of a great community there are a lot of events / activities going on, we like to take part in them when we can. Every year Grand Haven holds Winter Fest, The Kite Festival, The Fourth Of July Fireworks, The Coast Guard Festival, and a Christmas Parade. We like participating in events, benefits, and other activities that support charitable organizations. Being part of Relay For Life (American Cancer Society) is important to us because we all have had a friend and family member who has or had cancer and hopefully someday there will be a cure and until then we will continue fighting. Noah’s Project is a local no kill shelter that every year puts on a 5K walk to raise money for stray animals. Great Strides is a foundation for Cystic Fibrosis, which is a long disease and Derik’s cousin is fighting that right now. So we participate in their 5K walk every year in honor of her & her fight and hope for a cure soon.

Thank you!
We appreciate you taking your time to read our profile and learning about us. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Thanks again, Derik & Cory

For more information about this family, call or text our on-call worker at 616.451.0245,
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