Beth and Stu, and Ben

Ben's first day of school

We appreciate the tender heart you have for your child and for their life!  We hope and pray that you can navigate through this journey. The decisions you need to make and pressure that you may feel now are probably overwhelming.  We cannot even imagine. Know that we are praying for you. Having met many of the families waiting with Greater Hopes, we are confident that they are also loving and caring couples who would deeply love your child- and you.    

Love and peace,
Stu, Beth & Ben

Meet Beth
Beth is realistic, friendly, imaginative and thoughtful.  She enjoys working hard to accomplish goals and finish tasks. She also enjoys helping and serving others.  Beth is a Christian and this deeply impacts every aspect of her life. She enjoys getting to know people and listening to their stories. Beth has an elementary teaching degree and taught for twelve years. Her favorite part about teaching was investing in her students’ lives.  Currently, Beth works part-time in child care and seasonally at a bookstore. Beth enjoys spending as much time as she can outdoors. Her favorite activities include golfing and camping. Beth also enjoys traveling with friends and family. Her favorite shows to watch are Wheel of Fortune and home improvement shows.  Beth also enjoys shopping at thrift stores and garage sales; you never know what you might find. 🙂

Beth's page

Meet Stuart
Stuart started off extremely shy when he was younger, but after a couple of wonderful experiences in high school, Stu really broke out of his shell.  Nowadays, Stuart loves people and can strike up a conversation with anyone. Stuart loves life and experiencing new things. He loves to play and joke around, but always does so in a loving way.   His faith is an extremely important part of his life. Stuart enjoys watching and playing sports- especially the Detroit Tigers. He enjoys spending time at the beach and traveling. In his free time, he also enjoys watching movies, reading, and doing puzzles. He volunteers at church and loves spending time with the family.  

Our Story
Although Beth doesn’t remember it, we actually met 10 years before we started dating.  Both of us were involved in a small Christian group at Grand Valley State University and had a few mutual friends.  After college, we lost track of each other. Eventually, both of us ended up moving to the Detroit area and joined Eharmony.  We were a match and began dating 10 years after initially meeting in college. (Stu guesses that Beth dated him in the first place since she had a few references to certify that he was a good guy.)


We were engaged in December of 2010 and married in August of 2011.  Our son, Benjamin, was born in September of 2012. We moved from the Detroit area to the Grand Rapids area in 2014 to be closer to Beth’s parents.   

Meet Benjamin

Benjamin is a very energetic, creative, and high-spirited 5-year-old boy.   He is extremely friendly and can make new friends wherever he goes. Ben loves to tinker with and build things.  He loves super heroes, playing with Matchbox cars, reading with his parents, and swimming. Benjamin attends the nearby public school, and will attend kindergarten this year.  He cannot wait to share his life with a sibling and has been asking for a brother or sister for years already.

Our relationship
We give each other heaps of grace.  We understand that people can sometimes be selfish, and we are no different.  We have learned to say I love you in words and in actions every day. We have gone through a lot of storms together including years of infertility, a major move and the loss of Beth’s father,  but we have always done so as a team. We try to support each other and lift each other up. We are not overly strict parents, but we do set boundaries for Benjamin to keep him safe. Laughing and playing are encouraged!



Our family values
Love and commitment to God is the foundation of our family and our home.  We try to honor others by giving them respect, value, and love. We cherish family time.  

Fun and Recreation

Tiger s game

We enjoy:

  • packing a picnic and going to a park or the beach
  • having family movie night
  • spending time with friends and family
  • going to indoor play areas such as Rebounderz and Catch Air (Benjamin loves this!)
  • putting together puzzles
  • traveling

Religion in our lives
Religion plays a significant role in our lives.  We believe that there is a Heaven and believe that we will see loved ones again.   We try to take time for daily reflection and pray, and attend church every Sunday. We want our children to experience the joys of being part of a Christian youth group  Stuart’s high school church youth group experience had a profoundly positive effect on his life.

Our home, household and neighborhood
We live in a suburb of Grand Rapids, about 30 minutes to Lake Michigan and 20 minutes to downtown G.R.  It is primarily middle class, with children of varying ages. Our home has 3 bedrooms and two separate family rooms- one that has a TV and the other that is a play area. We plan to fix up our basement in the future.  There is a playscape in our fenced-in backyard that our son and neighbor children enjoy using.  A wonderful park is within walking distance from our home- with trails, two playgrounds and picnic areas.

Ben's first day of school

Thank you for opening your heart to adoption.  Beth has been thinking and praying about adopting a child since she was in high school.  An open adoption allows all of us to learn from each other and to expand our families.  We have both come to understand that it is critical for a child to know their history and have opportunities to connect with their birth family.  We look forward to seeing what this looks like for both of our families.  We are honored to partner with Greater Hopes Family Services and to wait for a child and their birth family to join our lives.

Love, joy, peace,

Stu, Beth and Ben

For more information about this family, call or text our on-call worker at 616.451.0245, or email