Autumn and Richie

Our Story: We were lucky to meet in a high school jewelry class in 2002. Though we both had different intentions in taking the class we know that destiny put us there to find each other. Our connection started with a laugh and that has sustained our relationship ever since. We have great pride in our story and have used every obstacle as a chance to learn from it and grow closer. Our secret to success is trust, humility, and most of all, laughter! In May of 2009 we were married, nine months later we bought our first home and started our careers. God has not blessed us with a child yet, but we feel strongly that adoption is the best choice for us and our family.

Our Home: We live in a bi-level home. Two bedrooms upstairs, two bedrooms downstairs, and two full baths. We live in a suburban neighborhood with schools, parks, bike trails, and even farms all around. Our neighborhood is full of children, friendly families, and there’s always something to fun do.

We have been blessed to have Autumn’s sister (Chelsea) and niece (Lianna) living with us since 2012. We are always together playing games, watching movies, playing outside, cooking and eating meals together; we couldn’t imagine our home without them.

Sister, Chelsea and Niece, Lianna

A typical day in our home consists of Autumn leaving for work around 7:00 am and getting home around 4:00 pm, Richie leaves around 8:30 am and gets home around 6:30 pm, Chelsea’s schedule is always different depending on her work schedule and school schedule, and Lianna goes to school from 8:30 am-4:00 pm. We typically have dinner together as a family, sitting around the kitchen table. We all help in one way or another with the meal. Whether that be cooking, setting/clearing the table, and clean up/dishes. Evenings consist of school work, house work, playing, baths/showers, and a bedtime routine which always consists of reading at least four books with Lianna. We have a great system and our schedules work really well together. It’s nice having three adults in the home. It allows for more to get accomplished and for more time to do fun things together.

Autumn’s Description of Richie: Richie is an amazing husband, provider, and friend. He has a heart for Jesus, a heart for adventure, and a willingness to help and serve others. He is very encouraging, helpful, positive, and down to earth. He wants everyone to feel loved, to feel important, and to know that they are valued. Richie has been a lacrosse coach for Caledonia High School since 2015 and has a passion for mentoring and pouring into his players.


Richie’s Description of Autumn: Autumn is an amazing person, wife, and friend. She is the most caring and genuine individual I have ever met. Autumn was made to be a mother. She is patient, forgiving, and loving. No matter the situation she will find joy in it and roll with the punches. She is the perfect mixture of fun and focus. I am so thankful for her and proud to be her husband.


Employment: Richie manages an Allstate insurance agency in Kentwood. He has worked there since 2009 and loves meeting and building relationships with his clients.

Autumn has been a 2nd grade teacher since 2012. Autumn has always had a heart for working with children. She enjoys their passion, their enthusiasm, and their excitement for life.

Hobbies and Interests: Family, friends, camping, reading, movies, working out, going to the beach, cook outs, sports, music, games, animals, bonfires, and laughter.

Thank You: Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We long to be parents and start a family. We have a lot of love and laughter to share and would be honored to show your child everything this world has to offer. We appreciate your time and hope we get the opportunity to meet you soon.

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