Ashley and Carl

Placement finalized and ready to adopt another child!

Please take the time to look at our adoption book and our website: to learn more about us.

Our Story
The two of us first met at a summer camp when we were teenagers. To say that we didn’t hit it off would be an understatement. Two years later, we would end up working at the same first job. This time we were friendly but there were no fireworks. Two years after that, we ran into each other on our college campus. We said hello and briefly caught up, but no further plans were made. Then, more than another year later, we ended up living two doors down from one another. At this point, we decided fate was trying to tell us something. We decided to hang out and, well, as you can see, never looked back! We not only fell in love but became best friends and we are still going strong. We ALWAYS have each other’s backs!

(Greater Hopes’ note: Levi is still pretty new in this family, just adopted at age 2. Ashley and Carl will be writing more about him soon!)

Ashley is a medical social worker at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital who works with spinal cord injured patients. Carl is a professor at Grand Valley State University in the School of Communications and is the Executive Directors of the Grand Valley Speech Lab. After taking full maternity and paternity leaves to be with the baby after placement/adoption, Ashley and Carl both plan to continue their current jobs.

Who We Are
Ashley is a friendly, dedicated, and loyal person. She values honesty in herself and others. She is willing to fight for what she believes in. Carl is a caring and thoughtful person. He can keep to himself or be the center of attention. He likes to solve problems and teach others.




Having both grown up in Christian homes, we have taken those valuable core principles of good and bad, right and wrong, and always treating others as you wish to be treated. Currently, we are non-denominational and do not regularly attend church. However, we try to live our lives in a way that is helpful to others and reflects a greater love.

Fun and Relaxation
As a couple, we enjoy traveling for vacations. We love to hit the road to either someplace new or one of our favorite spots. When vacation isn’t possible we enjoy watching movies, trivia, and playing board games with friends. We enjoy watching and attending sporting events, going to concerts and the theater, as well as spending time together in the kitchen cooking. More than anything, we just like joking around and making each other laugh.

Individually, Ashley enjoys reading and taking walks, while Carl likes to paint and do woodwork.


We do not believe in hitting or spanking children. We believe in teaching a child right from wrong, giving them choices, and helping them learn from their mistakes and natural consequences. This type of discipline can also include talking, time-out, grounding, or loss of privileges. We also believe in rewarding good choices and good behavior.

We strongly value education. An education allows a child to explore themselves, their imagination, and their world. A good education opens so many doors throughout life and we want our child to have every option he or she could possibly need. Having said that, we also feel as though advanced degrees are not for everyone. If our child wants to work with their hands, for example, we will support that and will get them the best training possible. Education should make the work you do the work you love.

We value honesty, kindness to yourself and others, loyalty, happiness, diversity, open communication, and humor.

Our Home
We live in a quiet neighborhood in Allendale, Michigan. Most of the families here have younger children of their own. The people are friendly, there are sidewalks, and every house has a tree out front. The neighborhood is growing every day. Our home is a ranch style with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The open floor plan will let us keep an eye on our child from almost anywhere in the house. We have two great dogs: Chester is nine and like a big stuffed animal, and Ziva is one and loves to play (she will be a wonderful dog to grow up with).


crop dog

Family and Friends
We have a small but close circle of close family and friends. Currently, our families live in Tennessee but they visit regularly. However, Carl’s Mom and Dad are moving to the area at the beginning of 2019. They are coming so that they will be ready when their first grandchild arrives. As for friends, we enjoy going out with them on occasion to a movie, dinner, or concert. We also have them over to the house, or go to their homes, regularly.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Medicine
Ashley only has a drink on special occasions and Carl does not drink. Neither of us use tobacco. The only medicines we take are prescribed by our doctors and do not include any narcotics, opioids, or addictive substances.

Final Thought
Please take the time to look at our adoption book and our website: to learn more about us. We are a strong couple who wants to give our child a great future, tons of support, and unconditional love. We want you to know that if you choose us, you will never have to wonder if you made the right decision. We are ready, willing, and so excited to adopt a child of our own.



For more information about this family, call or text our on-call worker at 616.451.0245, or email