Adoptees: What we need and how to give it to us


Are you an adoptee? Find what you need!

Adoptees need NOT to be just looked at and seen, but we need to be heard.

Really seeing someone involves listening that leads to an understanding of the person.
It means seeing all of the person’s unique strengths and weaknesses, and recognizing that those things belong to the person.
Seeing and listening to someone means letting a person tell you what is real and not trying to change who they are to fit your own needs or desires.
Seeing and listening to someone means acknowledging and loving a person’s differences.

Adoptee Perspectives

To learn more how adoptees are raising their voices and making a difference, check out two perspectives of two adult adoptees by following the links below. You may also contact us to explore any ideas you are learning about and want to explore with us.

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Jaiya John: Soul Water Rising


For my adoptive parents

Please don’t be afraid to ask for help!