About Us

Our Vision

We help children grow and develop in the healthiest manner possible given each child’s individual history by providing safe, loving, understanding, and permanent families.

Our Mission

Greater Hopes tenderly cares for children and families by thoughtfully providing excellent and ethical family planning and adoption services.

You may request our complete Program Manual which contains all written policies, procedures and program statements available for your review by emailing cathyr@greaterhopes.org

Important Philosophies

We believe that when children are adopted they have the need and the right to be aware of, and connected to, their personal heritage as well as being connected to the adoptive family who has accepted the rights and responsibilities of parenthood.

The principles of loving one another, sharing, forgiveness, grace and service to others flow throughout our programs.

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Our story

Greater Hopes Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was founded in September 1997. It became a licensed child placing agency on January 15, 1998. Since then we have worked with over 700 families who have adopted over 800 children from all over the USA and 13 other countries. We have helped children of all ages be placed with loving adoptive families. Greater Hopes supports direct consent placements where the child’s parents choose the family who adopts their child.

In the past we recruited families to adopt Michigan’s foster children who have been waiting for a forever family, and currently we assist families in finding the right agency to help them get started in the foster-adopt process.

The heart of our story is that we work hard to do everything we can to help children become a part of a loving family andsupportive community of people who care. We cannot do it without the help of others who adopt these children as well as embrace the families who brought them into this world.

And, there is something that other loving hearts can do to help.  Please read our page, Get Involved to see how YOU can be a part of Greater Hopes for these children.

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Our Staff

Cathy Raidna, MS, JD, LBSW
Executive Director, Chief Administrator,
Child Placement Supervisor

Sidney F. Burton
Chief Operating Officer

Shannon Coe, LMSW
Child Placement Supervisor

Sandy Recker, BA, LBSW
Child Placement Supervisor

Emily Sluiter, LMSW
Child Placement Supervisor

Drew Graber, BA
Child Placement Specialist

Molly Bourbeau, JD
Director of Philanthropy

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Our Board 

Jamie Kwiatkowski

emily jacobson
Emily Jacobson

(Not pictured)
Maggie Doyle

Honorary: Lakeisha Dulin

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Our Available Families

Lisa and Matt, and Owen

John and Sara 
Sara and John

Kellyn and Kyle, plus 1

Jamilah & Ryan

Anne & Jacob   MATCHED! Please choose another of our wonderful families!

Jenny and Michael

Sally and Seth

Brittany and Justin

Chris and Kevin, plus one

Autumn and Richie

Ben & Katie

Katy & Andy

Ryan & Lisa

Chad & Stacy

Seth and Beth, plus one

Kristin and Sam, plus one


Michelle and Thom

♥ Created Families ♥

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Our office is located in Wyoming, MI near the corner of 28th Street and Byron Center. Our address is 2453 28th St. SW.  It is best to use one of the driveways further away from our office, to either the left or the right. You may park to the right of the building, or in back.

temp sign March 2018 building

We welcome walk-ins but if you do not have an appointment, please call or text to insure someone is in the office. (616) 451-0245 Thank you! We look forward to meeting you!

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Our Supporters are very much appreciated!